The Carpenter’s Kids Team - Dodoma, Tanzania

The Carpenter’s Kids team is made up of a group of highly skilled individuals whose constant dedication ensures that the program is running smoothly. It takes perseverance, devotion, and teamwork to get though the trials and tribulations of each day, and every one of these people is a vital part of our team.In addition to the staff in our Dodoma office, there are countless people in the United States and elsewhere who help manage the everyday operations of The Carpenter’s Kids. We are extremely grateful for all they do for us.

The Rev. Noah Masima
Program Director
Noah was born in the village of Nala about twenty minutes outside of Dodoma. He first moved to Dodoma in 1968, where he attended TEE (Theological Extension Education). He also attended school through programs in Dar es Salaam and Moore College in Australia. He began his career as the parish priest of Chadulu in 1993, which has a congregation of about 1,000 members. In October of 2000 he took a position as the manager of Furaha Hostel, a former diocesan-owned facility. He held this position until the fall of 2008. In 2006 Pastor Noah joined the staff of The Carpenter’s Kids as the organization’s Program Director. His responsibilities with the program are many and varied, and his dedication and love of the program are evident to all who work with him. He has been married to his wife, Mollen, for 37 years, and he has seven children and six grandchildren. He lives in Dodoma with his wife and two of his granddaughters.
John Mattaya
Assistant Program Director
John Mattaya has served as Assistant Program Director for The Carpenter’s Kids since June 2007. He was born in the village of Ikowa and came to Dodoma in 1975. John held many positions within the diocese prior to working with The Carpenter’s Kids, including over ten years with DCT Print and six years as head of the Optical Department. As assistant to Program Director Noah Masima, John has many duties to handle on a daily basis. In addition to leading distributions and reviews, John also helps to resolve any issues and complications which may arise within the program parishes. John’s talents are many and varied from the numerous positions he has held over the years, and the program is lucky to have the contribution of his extensive knowledge and experience. John has been married for 47 years and has 10 children and 25 grandchildren.
Brian Medcalf
Program Coordinator, Policy Development, & Financial
Brian Medcalf serves as the Financial Controller and a Program Coordinator. Originally from Cheshire in the United Kingdom, Brian and his wife Aleen moved to Dodoma in January of 2011 and plan to stay for one year. Brian's wife works as a teacher and administrator at Canon Andrea Mwaka School.After retiring from a career in pharmacuticals, Brian is using his business background to enhance the financial transparency of The Carpenter's Kids Team. Brian's primary responsibilities include managing day-to-day operations, financial record keeping, budget and expendeture analysis, and program policy development. 
Daudi Mheta
Communications Assistant & Emergency Healthcare Administrator
Daudi joined The Carpenter’s Kids staff in April 2008 after graduating from Mvumi High School in February. His daily activities include helping to keep all the parish files organized and up to date, and his biggest responsibility is training the parish communication coordinators – most of whom have never before used a computer – to send messages to their link parishes using the program’s forum website. One of Daudi’s favorite jobs is organizing The Carpenter’s Kids sports days during the pilgrimage trips each year, and he also enjoys visiting the villages during distributions. He recently started taking night classes at the College of Business Education in Dodoma where he is working towards earning a Supply Diploma. Daudi lives in Dodoma with his mother, two brothers, and one sisters. 
Will Brooks
Program Coordinator & Marketing Development, Communications and Management Advisor
Will grew up in Richmond, Virginia and went to Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee. Following graduation with a B.A. in History, Will came to visit the Carpenter's Kids Program in the summer of 2010. He then committed to come to work for the Carpenter's Kids and began work in October of 2010. Will's primary responsibilities include issuing program publications, serving as the communications coordinator, planning visitor groups, and handling day-to-day operations in the Carpenter's Kids office. Will is a member of St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Richmond, Virginia which is linked with the DCT's Mwitikira parish.
John Joseph
Transportation Manager
John Joseph was born in Bukoba, a village in Northern Tanzania. He moved to Dodoma in 1994 and began working as a driver for Development Services Company (DSC), a DCT organization. He joined The Carpenter’s Kids staff in 2006, and since then he has made countless trips with the staff to villages around the diocese. John Joseph also assists Willy with purchasing and organizing the many shoes, uniforms, and other supplies which come through the office, and he helps with distributions as well. His many years spent as a driver mean he is also quite skilled as a mechanic. John Joseph married his wife, Dina, in 1999. They have two children, Jackson, who is nine years old, and Regina, who is four.
Noel Chomola
Education Coordinator & Program Administrator
Noel joined The Carpenter’s Kids staff in November 2007. He worked as the program’s Assistant Program Administrator until 2009, when he also took on a position as Education Coordinator. His position as Assistant Program Administrator involves a variety of jobs and responsibilities, including making frequent trips to the villages for photos and measurements and assisting children in the office with urgent healthcare needs. His position as Education Coordinator involves monitoring the Carpenter’s Kids’ progress in school and also managing secondary and vocational training requests. Noel worked as a teacher’s aid at DCT’s Canon Andrea Mwaka International School before attending The University of Dar es Salaam. He graduated in 2007 with a Bachelor’s degree in Education. Noel has finished his course work for a Masters of Business Administration focusing on Human Resource Management. He lives in Dodoma and plans to get married to his fiance in September 2011.
Saimoni Wiliam, “Willy”
Supply Specialist
Willy has been with The Carpenter’s Kids since the program began in 2005, and since then he has been an invaluable part of the team. Willy’s job includes gathering the supplies needed for each distribution, and he collects the uniforms, school supplies, and shoes for over one hundred children each week. Willy has the task of finding shoes for each child by matching them to a tracing taken of the children’s foot, which is a very tedious job! He also assists at distributions on a volunteer basis, and he is quite a hit with the Kids. Willy was born in Manda, a Carpenter’s Kids parish about 70km outside of Dodoma. He first moved to Dodoma in 1988, and he started a small business selling clothing, house wares, and art. Willy has been married for 18 years, and his wife Mary works for DCT in the Pathology Lab. Willy and his wife have five children.
Renatus Lendo
Transportation Manager
Renatus Lendo began working for The Carpenter's Kids Program in September of 2010. He lives in Dodoma with his wife Saloma and his three children, Elizabeth, Tony, and Julius. Renatus' primary responsibilities including transport of supplies across the Diocese, car maitenance, and going on the weekly distributions in various villages. Already in his short time here, Renatus has made a large impact on The Carpenter's Kids Program. The program growth now makes it necessary to have two full time drivers on duty at all times due to the countless trips to various villages. 
Stanley Magembe
Stanley joined the staff of The Carpenter’s Kids in November 2007 and has since worked part-time as the program’s accountant. Keeping track of the program’s finances is a big job, and Stanley works to reconcile the program’s income and expenditure and keep the rest of the staff informed. Stanley was born in Berega village near Morogoro, about three hours from Dodoma. He attended Moshi Cooperative College where he graduated in 1987 with an accounting degree. He then worked for the Coast Region Cooperative Union and the Kibaha and Bagamoyo Cooperative Union as an accountant. He moved to Dodoma in 2002 and began working for the Anglican Church of Tanzania in the head office until joining The Carpenter’s Kids in 2007. Stanley also works part-time with Tunajali, a DCT AIDS support program located next door to The Carpenter’s Kids. Stanley was married in 2004 and he and his wife, Stella, have a ten-year-old daughter named Anna.